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DEMUL 0.5.6 ARCADE ROMS Pack (2022)




In the center of the screen would be Sega logo in blue with an X overlaid on top of it. It would also have a "info" text box underneath the X in the center of the screen. Games that were installed on a Dreamcast would pop into this screen with a list of possible commands. Once the name of the command was selected, a list of possible values would appear in a small box to the right of the Sega logo. A selection could be made using the "A" button or enter would be inserted into the emulator (usually into the emulator's input field) to select it. In order to see a full list of commands, the key combination "info" was entered. Pressing this would scroll down to the bottom of the list and a message would appear if the game was running. Command selection would be the same as for selecting a command on a game select screen. Selecting a value using this method would cause the emulator to pass the selected value to the game. The first version of this feature worked on a few games. For example, it supported the following commands: PRIEST.jpg UNIT.jpg CSCR.jpg BOT1.jpg EXEC.jpg DSCR.jpg BOTS.jpg NOLO.jpg HUR.jpg TEST.jpg PULS.jpg INFO.jpg WIN.jpg PULP.jpg PCA.jpg ASS.jpg NOLI.jpg ENG.jpg SND.jpg NOMA.jpg BUY.jpg CSCR.jpg DSCR.jpg WIN.jpg PULS.jpg INFO.jpg *KEYPAD.jpg *LCTN.jpg The first parameter indicates what the command is for (Priest, Unit, etc.) and the second parameter tells the emulator whether to start or stop the game (tied to in the Sega Romulator), or to display help. For example, to enable the "help" command (INFO), execute "info priest help" on the game select screen. To enable the "Priest" command (PRIEST), execute "info priest" on the game select screen. If both help and priest are enabled, pressing the keypad when entering a value will cause the emulator to scroll to the end of the list. The status of all commands will be displayed in the info box at the bottom of the screen. The list can be scrolled with the keyboard and various text messages can be entered into the info box with the help and priest commands




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DEMUL 0.5.6 ARCADE ROMS Pack (2022)
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